When Katey first came to have her EFL session with HorseHeard she had been living in supported accommodation for about a year. She wasn’t working and had been on long-term sickness. She left the session in a really good place and with the belief that she could do anything if she set her mind to it.

A post on Facebook about being fed up of not working resulted in her being invited to apply for a job which she did, got called for an interview and got the job – which is a full-time post as a support worker with vulnerable adults.

In the HorseHeard session she had worked on applying for University and struggled with writing her personal statement. In the session she helped her colleagues and she learned that she could do this and enjoyed it. It was motivational and lead her to consider a different future – one in the caring profession. Katey then came to a second HorseHeard EFL session just two months later and was in a much better place. She has a full-time job and has a flat.

Still supported by Backup she came to have another EFL experience. This time she worked on how to manage a full time job with the issues and challenges that her ongoing medical problem created. She looked at ways to manage the health issue. Her language was positive – “ I know I will”. She said that it is ok to not be afraid to ask for help when needed. “Everybody needs a bit of support – the lead rope helped me get back on track.” The lead rope (attached to the head collar on the horse) became a metaphor for extra support.

She found that the activities and coaching facilitation with the horse gave her the opportunity to look at real life issues, appreciate she had choices and it was up to her to make the best of them.