Around 16,000 Armed forced personnel leave the Armed Forces each year.  The issues veterans face are complex and they need more intensive care and support when faced with mental health issues given The Ministry of Defence reports that over 90% of serving personnel diagnosed with a mental health disorder at primary health care were referred to secondary specialist care in 2015–16. Better support for Veterans is now a strategic goal for the NHS and in 2018 they announced the development of Integrated Personal Commissioning for Veterans (IPC4V) to invest in commissioned services for Veterans as a priority group.

HorseHeard have a strong track record of making a real difference in veterans improving mental health, emotional resilience, independence, confidence, personal responsibility, aspirations for the future and ability transition toward positive futures.


It has improved my communication, as by watching the horses and how they talked to each other has helped me watch how we all talk to each other.

The changes our clients have seen

100% of Veteran participants reporting improved mental health through the programme

100% of Veteran participants reported feeling less stressed, calmer and more relaxed

71% of Veteran participants reported an increased sense of trust in themselves and others

71% of Veteran participants reported increased independence and social interaction

100% of Veteran participants reported increased hope and positivity

100% of Veteran participants reported increased confidence

100% of Veteran participants reported increased self-belief

100% of Veteran Participants reported improved communication

100% of Veteran participants reported lifestyle improvements due to an increased sense of calm, improved communication and an increased sense of independence and personal responsibility. 

    Some of the life improvements mentioned included:

    • Securing a job and returning to work
    • Improving their finances and housing situation so they now felt more stable and secure
    • Getting involved with volunteering opportunities and leading new projects
    • Building friendships with others and even one who had gone on their first date in many years
    • Re-establishing family networks after long periods of non-contact
    • Needing to access mental health support services less frequently for moderate to severe mental health needs

    Our flagship veterans programme is ‘Finding your place’

      Find Your Place

      Find Your Place

      “The course opened my heart, my mind and took a weight off my shoulders. I learned more about myself and got rid of some demons. “

      This four- session behavioural change programme works with Armed Forces Veterans to help them re-establish their sense of self in the home, workplace and community. It is designed to help veterans find their place in civilian life integrating back into a less regulated environment, whilst creating and implementing a plan with respect to their future.

      Core outcomes from this programme are:

      • Heightened self-awareness and greater sense of identity
      • Improved expression of feelings and developing mechanisms to manage emotions
      • Increased experience of being an effective ‘Civvie’ street team member and buddy support
      • Increased skills in goal setting, identifying aspirations and developing action plans.

      Managing myself so much better since being with the horses.

      Learnt how horses have emotions like people do.