HorseHeard have a strong track record of making a real difference to adult wellbeing. We work with horses to enable participants to explore their emotional wellbeing through better understanding of their feelings, behaviours and thoughts. The horses give feedback on how they are ‘showing up’ and create a safe space to try out different self-management strategies.

This form of experiential coaching is an opportunity to

  • uncover behaviours, beliefs and emotional patterns that impact wellbeing 
  • provide understanding on what we are projecting and how we impact others and our environment
  • create a space to stop and connect with our minds and bodies, to be fully present and ‘tune in’ to how we are feeling

    It was extremely peaceful, blissful, informative and useful. “Prince”, the most handsome horse taught me about unconditional acceptance, patience and forgiveness. It was an extremely valuable experience and I will never forget it.

    The changes our clients have seen


    of adults reported that they gained insight on their personal wellbeing


    of adults reported they will make a positive change


    is the reported average change to an adult’s area of wellbeing

    We are pleased to have the support of the Rothschild Foundation who have enabled a program of wellbeing to be delivered to 340 NHS Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust staff who’s wellbeing has been impacted by the recent pandemic.

      It is without a doubt a very difficult time in the NHS at present. Offering continued support to my 31 staff members, together with all the other expectations within my role has been the most demanding time of my career during the current pandemic. To be able to step away temporarily and focus on the horses was emotional, humbling and the best possible experience. I learnt so much about myself and will now relate that to my everyday working life.

      Resilience and Wellbeing

      Resilience and Wellbeing

      “I thought I was OK but the horse sensed and responded to my underlying anxiety, once I was able to connect with how I really felt everything changed!”

      This program works with adults to help them establish their sense of self and respond to external pressures and subtle cues in behaviour, particularly those that indicate we are becoming stressed or anxious. It is designed to support individuals understanding of the options they have in a moment and how to relax, see patterns and make choices.

      Three core reasons working with horses to build resilience is so powerful:

      Trust and connection. Horses are emotionally sensitive, and this creates a safe environment where people can be vulnerable.  Being present with horses allows participants to reconnect with themselves, the horses and others. Re-establishing connections and building relationships this way is particularly powerful for those experiencing stress.

      Real-play, not role-play. When we role-play it can be hard to behave authentically in what is clearly not a real-life’ situation. Horses are authentic beings and interacting with them for real. This makes a safe space to explore and change thinking and behaviour patterns with immediate impact.

      Instant, honest, non-judgmental feedback. Horses are imposing creatures – weighing around half a ton. Their size and physical presence seems to magnify the feedback they give. Honest feedback without judgement is a rare commodity, and important particularly for those experiencing stress. Feedback delivered in this way brings deep insight to participants.

      Core Outcomes of this programme are:

      I was amazed at how cathartic the whole experience was.

      I found the experience incredibly helpful and insightful.

      • Recognise and manage emotions in self and others
      • Challenge and minimise stressful thoughts
      • Awareness of healthy and unhealthy thinking and feeling patterns
      • Awareness of unconscious attitudes and beliefs
      • Positive beliefs, self-confidence and self-esteem
      • Solution focused wellbeing skills

      I’ve had such a fantastic time at HorseHeard. I went with no expectations as to what the day may turn out like, but I came away feeling calm but very much energised!