From our partners:

“This was a superb  programme for our young leaders, we saw a real change in their confidence, communication skills and empathy for others (Deputy Head, Primary School, NE London).”

“We had a wonderful day with HorseHeard exploring the themes of emotional resilience and confidence. It was exciting to see the girls learning in a completely different environment (Deputy Head at Godolphin & Latymer school).”

“Now, when I experience any sense of self-doubt, I recall how the resilience and determination I felt when working with Gracie made me feel; I instantly become emotionally stronger and my self-belief and determination to succeed, rise.”

“The programme that they deliver for us on Energise is horse whispering and we’ve seen some amazing results with the young people …. extraordinary to see the results that can be achieved in a relatively short time which makes it a very cost effective and engaging activity for young people (CEO, Adviza).”

From the young people:

“People’s perceptions of you are a reflection of what you are projecting.”

“I learnt to control myself and be in touch with the horse.”

“They helped me to achieve good things with the horses, rather than just telling them what to do.”

“I felt myself improve mentally and emotionally; I feel stronger about myself.”

“The people really wanted to help me.”

“I can Lead; I can be a Leader.”

“This work with horses was the first time we worked as a team.”

“Helped me get more confidence. I felt really good about myself.”

From our veterans:

“So much calmer.”

“Managing myself so much better since being with the horses.”

“It has improved my communication, as by watching the horses and how they talked to each other has helped me watch how we all talk to each other.”

“Learnt how horses have emotions like people do.”