From our partners:

Senior occupational therapist, CAMHS Greater Manchester Mental health Foundation Trust

  • Staff observed moments of joy, moments when it ‘just clicked’ and moments of carefree teenagers having fun together.

Headteacher, Finstock Primary School, Oxfordshire

  • A powerful legacy of improved mental well-being, with increased positivity and enhanced resilience which still remains with the young people today”

Family Liaison Office, Haxby Road Primary School, York

  • The transformation in the children from their experience of the HorseHeard programme has been quite obvious. We have seen them grow in confidence, become calmer and more helpful and taking on challenges and opportunities they would not have previously considered.

Chair of Governors

  • I was extremely impressed by the quality of the organisation and delivery of the sessions and the skill of the staff in both the handling of the horses and how they used the activities to develop the children’s behaviours and skills.

Teaching Assistant, Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

  • Parents have been quick to tell me the wonderful impact on their children

Veteran Health & Well Being Officer, Burnley Football Club in the Community

  • This course has allowed the Veterans to put themselves in new situations, therefore finding positives in themselves that they never would have otherwise and for some great self-development.

From our volunteers:

  • I attended a Veteran introductory session to support my partner and it was a massive boost for HorseHeard to notice something in me and to see that I could help as a Horse Handler. It has been just incredible to support and observe the difference in the young people and see them grow emotionally in just four weeks. I never would have believed it. It’s amazing how the horses bring them out of themselves, with the nurturing guidance of the HorseHeard Team.
  • As a PHD researcher, I had watched a group of initially nervous yet excited children flourish and grow in confidence through the opportunities that were offered to them. I observed them face individual challenges and with them I celebrated achievements and success and I am immensely proud to have been a part of their learning experiences with HorseHeard.
  • As a volunteer, I am proud to be involved in the achievements HorseHeard programmes make and to witness the impact these engagements make on a community. I have watched young people grow in confidence and self-belief, gaining the opportunity to learn about themselves and develop their full potential.

From the young people:

  • I was surprised that I could connect with the horse so quickly and take control; it made me think if I can take control here of the horse, what else can I take control of in my life.
  • my experience is one that has bought positivity and motivation to my life, something that was certainly lacking before the experience.
  • the courses practical elements posed a perfect blend of confidence boosting activities and reflective practices that are applicable to any walk of life. It assisted in the process of deciding my career path.
  • I remember learning that if you want to achieve something you must trust and believe in yourself then you will succeed in anything.
  • my time with HorseHeard helped me gain my confidence and to believe in myself, also to trust others by getting to know them first.
  • I would say it helped me in secondary school because it gave me the confidence to contribute in class and to share my opinions to teamwork.
  • HorseHeard is one of my happy places

From our veterans:

  • I am more active, getting things done with less stress
  • I’ve become more relaxed and comfortable and accepting of my situation now. It opened up my mind
  • I am now moving forward at a comfortable pace and not worrying about things like I used to
  • It has encouraged me to try new things and the belief that I can succeed
  • I’ve climbed out of my box and the coping strategies I learnt are helping me stay out of my box!
  • I’ve learnt to cope at home due to HorseHeard. The horse listens, now I have started to listen too !
  • I’ve learned to be calmer in everyday situations
  • I use the experience and memories from the HorseHeard Programme frequently to help me sleep and to help me deal with stressful situations
  • I’m gradually feeling more confident and this helped me with my recent job interview
  • The course has helped me to become calmer, though I still need to work on it. It has given me the tools to succeed.
  • When I finished the Programme I was absolutely buzzing, full of positivity, very very happy and I haven’t felt like that in a long time.
  • Literally this course has changed my life. I have never been in a better place than I am right now.
  • I had to connect with myself before I could go further
  • This course is great for partially sighted people because it gives us a bit more confidence to get out in life.
  • I was quite sceptical on how a horse could help me. How wrong was I, at HorseHeard I learnt coping mechanisms on how to control my emotions and anger, let them go and become calmer. A life saver!