Vicky Bennett, CEO

Vicky Bennett, CEO

Vicky is Chief Executive of the Charity and an Executive and Leadership Coach.

Prior to joining the charity, I spent 18 years bringing diverse groups of organisations together to create a change in behavioural towards the environment. The successful solutions were created when individuals valued listening over speaking, cooperation over winning, and quality of living over quantity.

The solutions were achieved by individuals stepping beyond their internal patterns, biases, and habits, to create something new. Sounds easy. Yet owning your identity with clarity, integrity, and conviction seems to be the hardest thing to achieve.That is until you engage with a horse.

I have been privileged to witness the journey individuals take with horses, and the power that is enabled when new ways of being are accessed and old patterns changed.

I am humbled by the work with military veterans and their wider family members, where working with the horse unlocks the potential for people who have experienced personal difficulties or who struggle to manage their emotions and behaviour.

The stories and learnings from each adult, young person and child are heart-warming and important. The learning and behaviour change is memorable because working with horses is so honest and accessible; understanding can be experienced and seen in the moment, it can all be quite emotional and still visible and talked about in the longer term. Working through HorseHeard it is my passion to help those who find themselves struggling and enable them to flourish.