Heather Hardy, Trustee & Facilitator

Heather Hardy, Trustee & Facilitator

Heather as a Special School teacher noted the huge impact horses had on the emotionally and behaviourally disturbed (EBD) young people that she taught and took weekly to a local riding stables. The time spent with the horses and the self awareness it brought, helped to bring about short and long term sustainable changes into these young people’s lives.

It was this early insight that has been an abiding passion of Heathers, to proactively introduce the benefits of equine assisted learning to as many people as possible.

Heather has worked in partnership with colleagues from the National Health Service to improve the health and well being of children, young people and their families and also the staff who support them. This included developing and delivering innovative ways to improve emotional and mental health, which are still being implemented today.

Heather is an experienced teacher, qualified counsellor and leadership coach. Her coaching style is built on self awareness, intuition and sensitivity with feedback to help others improve their communication and relationships and assist them with their personal management of change, ultimately to help them achieve their potential.

Heather enjoys spending lots of time with her own two horses Alfie and Harry who are pretty good coaches themselves and help Heather to learn and grow and enjoy the moment.