Where to find Aitch Aitch

Here is your opportunity to find out a little bit more about HorseHeard’s loveable mascot Aitch Aitch. We now have created him a space all of his own on our main website – Aitch Aitch’s stable – where you can catch up on, not just his current, but also his previous bulletins and newsletters.

Firstly, let him introduce himself: click here.

Aitch Aitch is an amiable figurehead for those that wish to support us by being a “Friend of HorseHeard“. He is also a constant companion around our workshops – supporting the young people, particularly during the indoor group discussion sessions. When you have Aitch Aitch, you have the floor.

As well as the above, he is an ever present commentator on our business plans and activities, via his “Numnah” series of regular bulletins. These represent a great way to keep in touch with HorseHeard, you can sign-up through our homepage. Visit his stable (above) to catch up.

You can also spend more time with him on our Club HorseHeard page where there are fun games to reconnect those with HorseHeard even when they are not at the stable.


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