What we offer

Our offering focusses on the provision of high impact interventions which combine classroom based exploration and discussion with practical experiential interaction with horses. The approach is to deliver services that reflect the requirement, in so doing we aim to be flexible such that we can tailor the deliverable to accommodate the needs of individual attendees. We can deliver as a strategic partner in boarder programmes or as a sole partner offering our own in-house developed programmes.

We can be deliver all around the UK as we have a network of trained representatives and facilitators.


The Being Friends programme sets out to work with mainstream Primary Schools and Year 5 school children and their teaching staff to develop emotional resilience.

In so doing it acknowledges similarities and differences; expressing feelings, caring for one’s self and others, as well as developing communication and recognizing that everyone has the potential to enhance their relationships and choose their behaviours.

The core outcomes from this programme are about developing and maintaining friendship and community, specifically:
– Develop and maintain friendships;
– Work with and care for others;
– Increase confidence and self-esteem, and;
– Reduce inappropriate behaviour through awareness of choice.

Read more about the experience: http://horseheard.com/news/being-friends-all-around-the-uk/


Take the LEAP is our programme which works with college students and other teenage groups to develop life skills sought by employers.

It targets leadership and employability, helping them to develop and practice SMART goal setting. Through a combination of individual and group challenges they can sharpen and demonstrate their self-awareness and confidence, as well as the ability to work with and influence others. Developing skills that are applicable from the examination room, to the interview and on into the workplace.

Those attending the programme should expect outcomes which reflect:
– Heightened self-awareness and core-life skills;
– Attain a greater level of confidence and self-esteem around personal goal setting;
– Understand one’s personal power and the benefits of self-management;
– A greater understanding of the demands of the workplace

Read about the experience: http://horseheard.com/news/manchester-students-take-the-first-leap-with-horseheard/

Please email for more information: info@horseheard.com