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Numnah One

31 October 2016

Many of you will know me as ‘Aitch Aitch’ the HorseHeard mascot.  I have been happily doing this job for the past couple of years but at the beginning of this year I saw a job advert for a roving reporter for a new HorseHeard newsletter that would be coming out in 2016.  A

fter a really good grooming and cleaning up all my tack I went for the interview and, without wishing to blow my own trumpet, I was the obvious choice.  They were so impressed with me that they allowed me to name the Newsletter, and what could be better than ‘Aitch Aitch News’. 

It will be my job to get out and about and find out what is going on around the country.  I do get a little help now and then from other members of the HorseHeard team and will always be happy to hear any news that you think is ‘HorseHeard-worthy’.

HorseHeard is now a Charity.

What joy, I have just heard that HorseHeard has been granted charitable status by the Charities Commission and even been given our own number 166682.
We got it because we ‘promote positive emotional health and well-being to children, young people and adults in need through equine facilitated learning, to improve their quality of life’
How do I know all this – well read on ………………

An interview with the CEO

Early on in my new job as I was traveling around the country I happened to be passing through Preston and who did I bump into but the new CEO of HorseHeard, Heather Hardy.  She was really excited about her new job and outlined her plans for 2016 and beyond.  I jotted down the main points and it looks like the HorseHeard Team have done brilliantly well in delivering the key parts of the plan.  Just read on to see how well the plan has worked out:

  • Seeking charitable status – well that’s done!
  • Running an extensive and varied training programme for our self-employed team of Associates who are equine facilitators – already three full days completed with another one planned for the end of this month.
  • Helping at least 250 young people – more detail of the Cumbria Head Start Programme below.
  • Raising funds to help organisations and schools to benefit from our programmes.

I promised Heather I would help as much as I could to support any fundraising activity and this is what I ended up doing!

  • Singing and dancing (after a fashion) at a Music Hall evening in Horton, near Bristol.
  • Walking up Ben Nevis, cycling over 25 miles and canoeing around a Loch, all in one day!
  • Horseriding with the team on the 200 mile Coast-to-Coast event – starting the day after Ben Nevis!

It was a privilege and honour to help our Associates in these activities that will help us deliver benefit to young people and disadvantaged groups around the country, but to be honest I could do with a bit of a rest! aitchaitch2 aitchaitch1

Cumbria Headstart update

“Now I have been spending quite a bit of time up in Cumbria. Over 100 Primary School children from Barrow and Carlisle have had fun and learning with ponies at Bigland Hall Equestrian Centre and Blackdyke Farm, all funded by the Big Lottery. So keep on buying those tickets !!!!

Anyway we asked everyone, teachers, parents and children what had changed since playing with the ponies and we found that : ‘over 70% of young people attending our Programmes have been observed to exhibit positive change in the key areas of self confidence, self awareness, emotional management and ability to face up to and overcome challenges’.

A lot of the words in there applied to me when I got kidnapped (see below). I got a little scared but I have found that I can manage myself better now, after hearing about all the things the children have learnt. At the beginning and end of each weekly session the children share with me what they have learnt about themselves by being with the pony and what they are now going to do differently.

One child said recently that when the pony follows her “I get an explosion of happiness”.  It is magical to hear their stories.

Narrow escape!

“I have managed to get to every one of the HorseHeard programmes this year and this has involved a lot of travel, some early starts and many a late finish.  I have made lots of friends and despite the fact that sometimes I have to put up with a lot of pushing and shoving I have enjoyed every minute.  One of my most exciting adventures happened last November during the time I spent in Cornwall.  I had some great fun with the young people on the course and we became so friendly that they decided to kidnap me rather than let me go back to my home near Oxford.  It was a very friendly kidnap and I spent a wonderful extra few days with them but eventually I was wrapped up in brown paper and then put in a van that took me to my home near Oxford.  It was a lovely adventure but I was pleased to be home for Christmas.”……


Breaking News – HorseHeard’s Rainbow Programmes

It is not often that you see five rainbows on a single journey and not often that those clever clogs on the HorseHeard Management Committee come up with a brilliant idea, but both happened on 30th September.  on her journey to the HHMC meeting London our CEO Heather Hardy, saw five rainboes and that was the inspiration for them to agree to fully find five programmes using the money raised in the year from the Music hall Eveneing, ben Nevis Challenge and Coast to Coast ride.  So planning is under way for:

  • Being Friends programme for Dowdales School and Furness Academy; a first for secondary school pupils – this will start on 14 November in Cumbria
  • A ‘Take the LEAP’ programme in Lancashire
  • A one-day workshop for the YMCA in Newcastle
  • A one-day workshop for Young Adult Carers in Gloucester
  • A one-day workshop for the youth charity ‘The Door’ in Stroud’

Taster Events Around The Country

  • 31 October – at Wickstead Farm Equestrian Centre near Swindon.  OK it will be over by now (but I hear it was a great success).
  • 8 November – two events at HAPPA near Burnley.  The morning event is fully booked but places are available in the afternoon.  Dont delay book now!
  • 14 November – at Murton Farm Equestrian Centre in Tyne & Wear – still a few places available

Tell your friends and family to go to the events page on the website and book their place soon.  Hurry there aren’t many places left!

And please pass this bulletin on to any friends or family you think might be interested and get them to sign up for their own copy by adding their email into the box at the bottom of our Homepage.  You can also join me as a ‘Friend of HorseHeard’ and supporting the wonderful programmes bu signing up on the Homepage.  Friends of HorseHeard aims to support the delivery of our programmes across the country and improving the lives of young people.

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