Our philosophy

We always use our best efforts to ensure the physical, mental and emotional safety of our clients, our co-facilitators and the horses we work with.

Interacting with horses in equine facilitated learning can bring life-changing insights. Horses are at the heart of what we do; they are equal partners and co-facilitators in our programmes. Our role as facilitators is to create and hold the space for the horses to work their magic.

Wherever possible we work with horses at liberty; if we work with horses on lead ropes, delegates are instructed to keep the rope slack and not pull on it.

We do not work with horses in round pens or in other confined spaces, to avoid putting horses under pressure. We do not use driving / send-away dominance-based exercises. Personal boundary and assertiveness issues are explored through respectfully asking horses to back-up, move sideways etc.

We respect horses’ needs for friends (equine companions), freedom (living out / turnout) and forage (grazing). Our model delivers principally at equine facilities with other people’s horses; our aim is that their experience in working with us is always a positive complement to their usual daily activities.

Our philosophy is one of trust, respect and co-operation – with our horses, our colleagues and our clients. We do not subscribe to any particular system of horsemanship; we are open to learning from those with whom our values are aligned.