National Equine Welfare Council

Horseheard (and its partner company LeadChange) is pleased announce that it is now an member associate member of the National Equine Welfare Council.

NEWClogosMasterAt the heart of the council’s remit is to “seek to develop its relationship with Government in England and Scotland to emulate the achievements in Wales where possible and appropriate. The Equine Health and Welfare Strategy will identify the best opportunities for this” and to “the support of different organisations and individuals who have a commitment to supporting equine welfare”.

This¬†provides an important reflection of our commitment to work with “the good of the horse” as clearly outlined in our Manifesto. We are looking forward to opportunity to both directly participate in the equine welfare issues where we can, as well as to working with fellow members to provide EFL activities around the UK.

For further information about NEWC please follow this link to their website:

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