Manchester students “Take the first LEAP” with HorseHeard

A group of students from Xaverian College (an inner city college in Manchester) have just completed HorseHeard’s “Take the LEAP” programme at Mobberley Riding centre in Cheshire. This represents the first run of what will be a national programme, delivered in partnership with other equestrian facilities around the UK.

This programme provides a unique opportunity for young people from diverse cultures and backgrounds within the inner city to develop and build upon their innate talents and capabilities through experiential learning with horses. The experiential learning process places the individual at the heart of the experience which directly facilitates a strong personal insights; such impacts are often then the catalysts for significant and sustained personal change and development.

Thirteen young people experienced some of the fundamentals of leadership, employability, and personal awareness, as well as developing life skills such as confidence, managing their emotions and energy state and problem solving and team working.

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The young people attending the day provided some very strong feedback around their personal learning and experiences over the two days:

– “It was truly a lovely, motivational and eye opening experience”

– “First of all, I’d like to say thank you. I will not forget this. Its been amazing and has taught me so much, each hour, each minute, I learned. And that’s something I wont forget”.

– “Thanks for everything. I thought the programme went very smoothly and enjoyed every minute of it”.

Further, to quote Allie Crewe, who coordinated on behalf of Xaverian college: “My dream was to raise the expectations of these students and show them that all types of people may become future leaders. I wanted to show them a world outside of the inner city and take them out of their comfort zones……. The course was mind-blowing, the team from HorseHeard are spectacular and the coaching the students received was inspiring and life changing. Horses bring magic to teamwork and leadership development, offering experimental learning and a powerful source of feedback.”

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Heather Hardy, the Director of HorseHeard responsible from bringing this together, added: “It is wonderful to see the immediacy of the learning for these young people, to be able to support and share such important learning with them is profound. It was a pleasure to work with young people who have such enthusiasm and promise, and I am very excited about taking this programme to other colleges around the UK. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making this wonderful experience a possibility.”

This programme was funded by donation from the St James’ Place group.

HorseHeard, Xaverian College and Mobberley riding school all express their sincere gratitude to St James’ Place for their generosity in supporting this event.


The HorseHeard team was also joined by Buse Soysal from Istanbul who is hoping to act as a local ambassador for delivering these programmes in Turkey.

Please contact us (as below) for more information on how this can work for students at your college or how you might be able to support programmes in your area.


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