Leadership and Governance

The HorseHeard Leadership team.

The HorseHeard leadership team – formally know as the Management Committee – is the principal governing body of the Charity.

Meet the Leadership team here.

The management committee meets quarterly, covering all core issues of the business, these include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic direction and business development of HorseHeard, and the service that it provides;
  • Ensure appropriate governance and compliance in the running of the charity in accordance with its stated objectives and the requirements of the charity commission;
  • Reporting, review and monitoring of the services provided;
  • Consideration of potential strategic partnership and review of those in place;
  • Targeting and update of HH funding and grant application and to monitor and confirm the use of donated funds in lines with the conditions of the original grant(s)
  • Monitoring and review of partner facilities and stables in line with operational manifesto and risk standards and guidelines of HH;
  • Updates on stakeholder/donor relations and engagement.

That committee is constituted, as follows:

On a monthly basis day to day operations management is coordinated by a sub-group of the above: CEO, Operations and Marketing.

The charity is pleased to have as its Patrons, Squadron Leader John Peters RAF Rtd. and internationally renowned Coach and Author Mary Wanless.