Kate Mably


Kate has had a passion for horses since childhood. Growing up with 40 horses on a family farm.

After her studies she moved to Bristol and spent 12 years working in with a dedicated innovate team setting up a wide range of challenging projects for young offenders. Kate’s team of young people were actively involved in building 3 city farms, gardens for the elderly and play areas for children. Using wasteland owned and donated by the city council.

A wonderful scheme Creating jobs, housing, and support systems for vulnerable young people.

Eventually moving back to Cornwall having a family and running an Organic farm and a successful horse business.

Coaching and training, many horses and riders. Kate’s passion for horses has taken her all over the world teaching, learning and experiencing the power and language of true horsemanship. Becoming acutely aware of the intuitive, spiritual nature of horses.

Marrying her communication skills, her love of horses and her profound experience and knowledge linked with a desire to enable people to grow and learn is why she is truly dedicated to this work.

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