Just let the horses show them the way …..

I have just been looking at some promotional work and thought there were some great observations in that exercise just to remind us why this work is so wonderful for young people. So I have adapted some of those for reflection here, I hope that you agree the sentiments…..


The principal aim of our experiential interventions is to deliver social and emotional learning to those in need or at risk, the benefits of this are applicable to most ages. These programmes provide practical skills for all aspects of life, nurturing the valuable personal skills such as awareness, self-efficacy and leadership; all of which support individual success, from the family home, to the classroom and on into workplace.

In achieving the targeted outcomes for these interventions young people will be provided with a foundation which (re)connects the individual both with themselves and the communities around them, be it families, society, academic or even later in professional life. With this connection comes personal engagement, which can be reflected in better school attendance, reduction in behavioural incidents and improved achievement, or for those older young people, active re-connection with higher education or mainstream economy.


Creating resilience and mental toughness in young people increases their chances of active engagement with their own future, be it through higher or further education, apprenticeship or employment. In creating this belief, they are likely to more positively engage with wider society, fostering a feeling of personal inclusion, rather than exclusion, which develops optimism and motivation.

Early interventions reduce the likelihood of later anti-social behaviour, be it violence, criminal or drug and alcohol abuse which is of clear benefit to the wider community. Equine facilitated experiential learning (EFL) provides a safe and nurturing environment for a young person to clearly determine channels of communication both verbal and non-verbal, individual and group.  The improvement in these skills will be valuable throughout their lives.

To be able to manage thoughts, express feelings and behave in a way which is beneficial to self and to others is fundamental to a healthy mind.  EFL promotes and develops all three of these conditions during its experiential sessions as building blocks for future learning and development.  To be able to effect positive change in self and with others creates healthy and constantly developing communities.

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