Jo Menon

After studying law, Jo has had a varied career working in a range of industries and cultures across the world.  For the last 15 years Jo has worked predominantly in HR and IT managing global change projects. She’s set up several businesses and continues to consult with large corporates as well as chairing the Board of Trustees for Bluebell Care in Bristol. 

Jo believes there are many synergies between managing projects and teams with raising two children albeit the children often behave better! Her passion is ‘making stuff happen’ and seeing those she works with realising their potential.

Having grown up with horses and now living with her own herd, Jo greatly enjoys bringing equine facilitated learning into her work. In her view there are few more effective ways for coaching non verbal communication, self awareness and emotional intelligence relevant to the changing work place. The enormous support, learning and sense of well being interacting with horses brings to young and vulnerable people is second to none. Being a Reiki Master, Jo is also fascinated with the way horses can teach energy work so completely.

She also works as a Facilitator for Horseheard in the South West of the UK.

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