Helping others to help young people ….



Sometimes we have the pleasure of working with other people who also work with young people – helping them to help young people, if you like!

We recently did some work with a team from Brookside Education in Ilford, here are a couple of their reflections of on the experience:

– “What I took away from the day was that the energy we give out has an impact on people around you, we have to take the steps to build trust and good working relationships with others for others to mirror that.”


– “The learning was very useful in that it gave me an insight into trying to understand the dynamics within a Team, and how the only thing we have the power to change is ourselves.

The activities with the two different horses were even more interesting. When the initial level of apprehension and nervousness was overcome, there was a clear change in the way the horse responded to me in particular. This was for me the most important piece of learning. That could be easily translated in the way we work with Young People and/or other members of staff.”


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