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Graham is the Head of Business Development and a member of the management committee.

Graham’s first career was in the Army where he was lucky enough to travel widely even though some of the places where not exactly holiday resorts. When in the Army he was involved in leadership development and recognises the role of non-verbal communication for leaders in challenging situations which correlates strongly with the core themes developed in equine facilitated learning.

A keen sportsman he played cricket to a decent standard and when it was thought this was taking too much of his time he took up riding and found even more of his time was needed to compete at one-day eventing. Recently he has been travelling round the world climbing mountains and still hankers to get to the top of Everest one day.

Graham has been working as a coach for several years and counts himself to be very fortunate in that a niche – Equine Facilitated Coaching and Learning – found him. He is an NLP Practitioner and an accredited coach and a trainer in Facilitation, Coaching and Change Management.

Recently a colleague observed “I haven’t seen you ever smile so much since you have been working in this area.”

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