From mind-reading to a wonderful vision through fresh eyes

“Horses know what you are thinking, they can read your mind.” That was the reflection of one young person at Bryerley Springs Farm this week. What that young girl realised was that the horses could pick up on her own change in state, and that as she sharpened her own belief and focus, the horse began to show more interest and engagement with her. She has realized that by managing her own state she can influence that of others, now let’s face it, that is something quite a 40 somethings could do with learning, and she has just picked it up at 14!

It has been a really busy week for HorseHeard, 5 workshops at 4 different locations around the Thames Valley, with nearly nearly 70 Young People being introduced to the insights experiential learning with horses. Great to have the opportunity to work alongside Adviza and Wikima; great to have the capability to deliver to this capacity. It is wonderful to feel HorseHeard coming to life. 

We had two days (at what always feels like home base) Moorwards Farm, where yard manager Jodie Maile reports a group of young teenage boys observing Pegati (pictured) as being tense and anxious when introduced and through discussion quickly establishing that if control their own energy they might get a different response.  Instantly the energy dropped and Pegati lowered her head and relaxed through her body, and she ended up thoroughly enjoying her time with these young people.

Some other wonderful great and honest observations from young people this week: “I learnt to work with other people, normally I do not like this, today it was fun“; “I learnt to take control of myself“, and “I learnt how important it is to have focus myself, before working with others“. 

And as if to prove further just how powerful the potential for connection between horses and young people within 2 minutes of the first session at Blewbury Ridng Centre near Didcot we had a young boy leading a pony at liberty through a short slalom of upright poles.

At Checkenden Equestrian Centre we had the pleasure of being supported for the first time by a friend new to this work , she was so inspired that she wrote the most wonderfully moving blog, it speaks for itself, so we have decided to place a blog within a blog here, so to speak, please follow the link…. It is so rewarding to be able to see the wonder and the value of the work that we do through fresh eyes, a sentiment I know that has been shared by a number of the HH team.

We are blessed to be able to do this work with horses, and to be delivering potential life-changing lessons and potential to those with so much of their lives ahead of them multiplies it ten-fold.

As a final word I would like to return to Jodie at Moorwards: “We all got something out of that session.  For me it’s about young people realising how great they actually are and how much they have to offer to those around them.  I hope the lads from that session got some of that too.  Most importantly maybe is that Pegati met another group of people that cared for her and gave her the opportunity to relax and spend some quality time with humans.  My horses always seem more relaxed after spending time with people attending HH.

Our manifesto outlines our intentions to maintain respect for both those attending and the horses that are delivering the learning, I think Jodie’s quote brings the partnership implicit in that intention to life with brilliant colour.

What a week! Thanks to everyone that made it happen.



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