Corporate social responsibility and options for the small business

Within the definition of CSR there is a phrase that states “…business approach to sustainable development by delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.”  One of the most enduring sustainable development approaches can be realised by investing in the growth of young people and empowering them to be independent, confident and emotionally capable of supporting themselves and others.  Unfortunately, the level of investment required to do this is often beyond the capability of small businesses.

HorseHeard, as a charity, has the capability of providing young people with unrivalled development opportunities through Equine Facilitated Learning.  Objectively measured, over 70% of the participants have demonstrated significantly enhanced, self-confidence, emotional resilience and willingness to overcome difficult tasks.  Schools that have participated in HorseHeard programmes have reported that pupils have gained, at one level, degree standard apprenticeships when previously no prospect of tertiary education seemed feasible, and at another level that young people where ‘shining from the inside out’ where previously they had been labelled as disaffected and disinterested.

HorseHeard is constantly looking to increase the number of young people who might take advantage from the incredible benefits that an Equine Facilitated Learning workshop/programme can deliver.  It has recently introduced a very affordable scheme that enables a Small Business to sponsor one (or more) young person(s) through a whole or part programme.  These sponsorships will be used on programmes that work with young people who are normally in the age range of 9 -25 years old.  Sponsors will be invited to observe the programmes and meet the participants with opportunities for mutually beneficial PR.  HorseHeard is capable of delivering Equine Facilitated Learning throughout the UK and works with local riding establishments and horse and pony rescue centres to work as close to the client as possible.

HorseHeard have already been offered sponsorship to support a programme for Young Adult Carers, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how they can work with other Small Businesses throughout the UK.

– Graham Dawson, November 2016

Please contact HorseHeard by email to or calling 0333 9390 166.


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