Cath Birtwistle

Catherine-BirtwhistleCatherine is passionate about the benefits of working and playing with horses.  She has a small herd herself and delivers bespoke coaching programmes.  She is an accredited, coach, trainer, lecturer and NLP Master Practitioner.

Catherine has worked for 15 years in the public and VCF sectors for the NHS, Sure Start, Local Authority and Credit Union, “reaching the hard to reach” including NEETs, Princes Trust young people and illegal immigrants groups. She has worked on building communities and working on community cohesion. Community management for Regeneration included consultation, evaluation, support and feedback from and with young people.

She has created and delivered innovative projects such as “Mobile Me” (integration, cohesion and cross sectoral and generational work) and single parents and NEETS community projects.  She has been the community lead with the Fire and Police services for the Neighourhood Management Teams and was the trainer for non-english speaking residents.  She created Youth clubs, youth activities and annual town events to include young people.

Catherine is motivated to effect beneficial changes for all, by applying her non-judgmental and innovative skills.