Bulletin Numnah Three – Looking forward to 2017

Aitch Aitch here again, your HorseHeard roving reporter and mascot.

I’m glad to report that most of our team have returned after a short break although I know of one or two who are still away enjoying themselves.  

We are looking forward to a very productive year in 2017 which means I will be dashing around the country visiting programmes in Cornwall, Cumbria, Gloucestershire and Lancashire and that is just in the next few weeks.  

Below there is an update on the programmes that will take place soon, and if you would like to visit or support any of them then please let me know and I will put you in touch with Heather or Graham so that they can tie up the details.

We are always on the lookout for new facilitators to join the team so if this would interest you then take a look at the website where you can get more details of the planned training in March at HAPPA near Burnley. 


Update on our programmes

We have completed the Cumbria Schools programme for Dowdales and Furness Academy and will soon be running the programmes in Burnley (LEAP) and one-day workshops for Gloucester Young Adult Careers in Gloucestershire as well as for The Door in Stroud.

We are also doing some individual work in Cornwall and have some other exciting programmes in the early stages of development.  We would really appreciate your help in finding schools or organisations that would benefit from our work and that will also give me a great excuse to get out and visit them as well – anything to get out of the office!!

The great power of our work is that young people make fantastic progress by learning from their own experience.  I can’t wait to hear what goes on in the other programmes.

aaThis month’s taster events

Check out the website and get your friends and colleagues to book a place on one of the Taster Events so that they can find out for themselves how powerful our work is and importantly how having fun in learning is so beneficial.  Given the choice I would attend them all the time. 

24 Jan –  at HAPPA – Burnley
26 Jan  at Overdale Equestrian Centre, near Burford
30 Jan –  at Wickstead Farm Equestrian Centre – Near Swindon


Well that is it for now- short and sweet.  A big thank you to everyone who supported us in 2016 in any way at all. We are only able to extend the power of the work we do with your continuing support. . Please pass this bulletin on to any friends or family you think might be interested and get them to sign up to get their own copy by visiting our website at www.horseheard.com.

Wishing you the most fantastic 2017, and don’t forget follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay completely up-to-date.



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