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Throughout June and July HorseHeard has been running pilots of it’s new “Beings Friends” programme around the UK.

Pilot programmes have been run with primary schools in Cumbria, Lancashire and the London Borough of  Redbridge, delivering personal learning experiences to around 40 year 5 and year 6 primary school children.

The programme is targeted to develop and promote friendship and emotional well-being. Through a series of guided sessions young people discover more about building and sustaining friendships, working with and care for others, as well as developing their individual confidence and resilience.

Initial feedback has been very strong, both from the young people and their teachers and school staff.

What the young people have said:
–   “I can make someone feel comfortable and want to be with me”
–   “I will and not be afraid to try something new”
–   “If someone is making me upset I can choose how I feel and cheer up”
–   “I can lead a horse, I can lead a person”

And their school staff and teachers:
–  “This was a superb programme for our young leaders- we saw a real change in their confidence,
     communication skills and empathy for others and would highly recommend the project to others.”
     – Deputy Head
–   “We saw instant positive changes within the group. Some of the children were falling out on a daily basis.
      Since visiting the horses at HAPPA with HorseHeard they have got on with each other. This is a massive
      positive.” – Class teacher
–  “I have seen changes at school in the classroom which have been amazing. Watching some of their goals
    in practice with the ponies was brilliant as you could read what the horses were thinking in relation to
    the children’s behaviour” – Teaching assistant

Heather Hardy director of HorseHeard comments: “this is already proving an effective complement to the primary curriculum wherever it is delivered; producing observable changes in individual behaviour and engagement. Our national approach enables us to deliver this programme where the appetite is, we are not limited to one or two specific locations. I a very excited about taking this programme to as many young people as we can over the next year.”

HorseHeard will be rolling out his programme around the UK during the coming academic year.

For more information please contact:
t: tel: 0845 130 1659


Or to find out more about taster events being held around the UK please email


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