Aitch Aitch’s Bulletin Numnah Two


Aitch Aitch News Bulletin
Numnah Two
2 December 2016


They say you should never start with an apology so I wont but yesterday was a bit of a challenge as I had to help the HorseHeard Management Committee with some important work at their meeting in London and didn’t get home in time to send this bulletin out to you.  Quite what state I will be in on New Year’s Eve when Numnah Three is due to be circulated I do not like to imagine.  I hope you are all well and looking forward to hearing our news. 


In Bulletin Numnah One I let you know about the launch of the Rainbow Programmes and now can now tell you that fantastic progress is being made and one of them – Cumbria Schools (Dowdales and Furness Academy) – is almost complete.   Dates for the other four programmes have been arranged for the early part of the 2017.   We are already seeing great results from the Cumbria programme.  After a horse had mimicked the hyperactive behaviour of one of the pupils they responded by saying:

“I noticed that the things that I might find fun other people might not, there’s no point in being giddy all the time”.

The great power of our work is that young people make fantastic progress by learning from their own experience.  I cant wait to hear what goes on in the other programmes.

We are taking a short break for the rest of the month but look at what is planned for January 2017

  • 24 Jan –  at HAPPA – Burnley
  • 26 Jan  at Overdale Equestrian Centre, near Burford
  • 30 Jan –  at Wickstead Farm Equestrian Centre – Near Swindon.  

Tell your family and friends to go to the events page and book their place soon.

Special guest at our Happa taster

We were joined by Miss England – Elizabeth Grant!.  She was very impressed with my suave and debonair appearance and spent a lot of time talking to me about the wonderful work that HorseHeard does.  I thought it would be good to let Christine and Heather have a photograph with her.


Supporting HorseHeard

A big thank you to everyone who has made a donation to HorseHeard in the last month.  We are constantly seeking ways in which we can raise funds to extend the reach of our work to young people and adults.  If you have any ideas please email us at

If you would like to donate or become a Friend of HorseHeard then please visit our “Support us” page.


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