Acclaim for our first Cornish engagement


HorseHeard has just finished it’s first complete programme in Cornwall, working with young people from Brannel School at Rasparveth Riding School. It has been a wonderfully successful programme for all parties – with great feedback throughout – and we are looking forward to the opportunity of continuing this relationship.

We are also very pleased to have received the following letter from Kim Wherry, one of the teachers at the school who has been part of the programme (we are always moved to receive such feedback, especially when expressed freely as In this case).

Well done to our facilitation team, and of course the wonderful horses, without whom we would not be able to create such special experiences.


“The opportunity to attend the HorseHeard sessions must be made available to as many children as possible.

“I attended a session recently and have to say that the experience was one of the most positive, affirmative, uplifting of my life. Since attendance at just the one session, I have changed my attitude regarding what I am actually capable of achieving. The horse ‘Gracie’ reflected back, constantly, just how committed I was to my intentions. As soon as my intention flagged, due to me allowing self-doubts about success to enter my psyche, Gracie let me know. When I focused and remained in utter belief that my goal would be reached, Gracie and I got there – together.

“The honesty from the horse allowed me to see how authentic I was being. Gracie reflected back falls and rises in my energy and intention.

“Now, when I experience any sense of self-doubt, I recall how the resilience and determination I felt when working with Gracie made me feel; I instantly become emotionally stronger and my self-belief and determination to succeed, rise.

“The feedback I have been given by pupils who are currently attending HorseHeard sessions is both uplifting and humbling. Pupils who are experiencing difficulties in their personal lives and who present as ‘difficult’, ‘detached’ or ‘troubled’ at school are blossoming into happier, more confident, uplifted girls who are shining from the inside out.

“These children are learning: determination to succeed; self-belief; goal-setting; tolerance; resilience; trust; calmness; how to express love/positivity; increased levels of self-confidence, self-awareness and self-control; how to connect with the animal kingdom (which might result in guiding a career pathway); how to form positive, healthy connections; security; how to be kind; that being loving and kind are not weaknesses; acceptance of themselves and others as they are…

“We need to do all we can, in the world of education, to help all children to shine; HorseHeard can help us do that.”




  1. I was privileged to be at this event as a horse handler and joint facilitator …when I asked two of the girls what they had learnt after the very first half day session one commented ” I have learned to be less judgemental …I have decided to just be happy with who I am” and the other said ” I must be kinder and more polite …I am horrible to my science teacher and no wonder he throws me out of the classroom”! All after just one session working with ponies quite extra-ordinary!

  2. I was very fortunate to be one of the members of staff that experienced first hand the amazing work undertaken with our young people and the direct positive impact this has had and will continue to have to enable these youngsters to make excellent progress

  3. I am excited about 2016 I feel we are all on the cusp of doing some great work .
    I am proud to be part of Horseheard and be working with such lovely people I am looking forward to the next event with Gadolphin and Latimer School in a few weeks time.Stepping into the arena with horses is always enlightening I learn so much Kate xxx

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