A student’s perspective

HorseHeard recently ran a workshop with a group of girls from Godolphin & Latymer  School – hosted for HorseHeard by Graham Dawson and Kate Mably. The session was very well received by the pupils and attending staff, and we are hopeful that this will be the beginning of positive relationship for all.

We would to share the following article by one of the girls which was published on the school’s website.

G&L HorseHeard photo“ The ‘HorseHeard’ workshop was a new and exciting way to build confidence and use the skills learnt during Godolphin and Latymer School’s ‘Resilience Week’ that I thoroughly enjoyed. Throughout the day, we all slowly gained in confidence at being around the horses and managed to bond with them on a level that we hadn’t come across before. At the beginning of the first practical workshop, after a small discussion session, I didn’t want to go anywhere near the horse as I was scared that she would trample on my foot or kick me. My fear of horses had completely blinded me but with the support of the HorseHeard facilitator, I gradually became more comfortable around the horse. She seemed to sense this and eventually, she became more confident around me and stopped backing away from me every time I tried to stroke her. During our next discussion session, we talked about being pushed out of our comfort zones and not letting fear get in the way of opportunities. Bearing this in mind, we went back to the horses for a workshop about overcoming obstacles, where we literally had to move around obstacles and individually tackle different challenges with the horses. I was anxious to try this as I was grouped together with a larger horse than before, however it turned out that she was just as friendly. I was, again, given lots of support by everyone and eventually I was hugging the horses when it was time to go. I learnt that having a positive mental attitude can help you to complete difficult tasks and that ‘not successful’ and ‘failure’ are two completely different things. It is so important to distinguish between the two. The whole day taught me a lot about my own mental attitude as well as building on the skills that I had tried to develop during ‘Resilience Week’.”

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