The gift of giving

Christmas is fast approaching! There are numerous gifts now available on the high street, some of which may even deserve to win a place on your Christmas list. However, there is one gift that should earn a place near the top.

This winter, HorseHeard have launched their ‘Friends of HorseHeard’ scheme to support a young person through a HorseHeard programme. HorseHeard use Equine Facilitated Learning to aid children that need extra support in school and/or College. One of the programmes is focussed on improving emotional resilience, behavioural change and confidence building. There will be a child in every classroom, a child who lives on your street and it may even be your own child that would benefit from the extra support that HorseHeard can provide through their work.

HorseHeard have just started a programme in Cumbria paid for by the fundraising efforts this Summer. Although only two weeks in, the kids who have had the opportunity to join this programme have already had an insight into what positive changes they can make in their lives.

Lead facilitator on the programme: “One of the children attending this course is prone to hyperactive behaviour. Whilst trying to do a task with the horse, the horse mimicked the same hyperactive and distracted behaviour that the child does when asked to do a task in school. He saw and experienced for himself how his behaviour can have a negative impact to those around him and how frustrating it can be to work with hyperactivity.

At the end of the session he said, “I’ve noticed that the things I might find fun other people might not, there’s no point being giddy all the time.”

These small insights children gain from HorseHeard programmes can turn into life changing actions.

A Christmas donation from you or a friend could support a child through one of these life changing programmes. If Christmas is about giving then this could make for an ideal Christmas gift to a child local to you.

– Zara Myers, Dec 2016.

Click here to sign up and join the Friends of HorseHeard.

Click here to make a donation to support this valuable work

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