• “Find Your Place”

    We celebrated the “Find Your Place” programme for Armed Forces Veterans. The Mayor of Burnley, Councillor Charlie Briggs presented Certificates and commemorative photographs. It was an opportunity for the Veterans to share how the programme had helped them to change and refocus in different areas – all with the help of a horse. Please read […]

  • PonyPals

    ‘PonyPals’ a two session programme that was designed to meet the specific needs of twelve Year 5 and 6 pupils at a Primary School in Yate, Bristol. It was based on the HorseHeard four-week behaviour change programme ‘Being Friends’ but compressed into just two 2-hour sessions.  

  • Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme

    Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme gets funding from Warburtons for five sessions with HorseHeard to provide an opportunity to work on their life goals in a unique and impactful way – that only the pony can achieve.

  • Cycle Challenge in Aid of HorseHeard

    Congratulations to the HorseHeard team for completing the Cycling Challenge around Anglezarke and Rivington. Our intrepid team of five stepped up to the Challenge and did HH proud – he’s on Heather’s handlebars! Heather Hardy, Alan Rainford, Christine Watt, Kath Smith and Brenda Dean tackled the hills and the breezy weather to raise valuable funds.  […]

  • A Magical Day Out – from a Friend of HorseHeard

    I became a Friend of HorseHeard fairly recently, a charity with which my daughter had become involved. My daughter had explained what it was about, and I had looked at the web site, but I still found it difficult to comprehend. When the opportunity arose to spend a day observing a programme, I jumped at […]

  • Self-awareness versus reality?

    HorseHeard associate Zara Myers explores the benefit in developing our self-awareness. Are you able to talk about your strengths or weaknesses and which way does the balance sway?  Is the inclination towards your weaknesses rather than your strengths or vice versa?  How many people do you know that would accept the challenge of being told […]

  • Where to find Aitch Aitch

    Here is your opportunity to find out a little bit more about HorseHeard’s loveable mascot Aitch Aitch. We now have created him a space all of his own on our main website – Aitch Aitch’s stable – where you can catch up on, not just his current, but also his previous bulletins and newsletters. Firstly, let him introduce […]

  • Bulletin Numnah Three – Looking forward to 2017

    Aitch Aitch here again, your HorseHeard roving reporter and mascot. I’m glad to report that most of our team have returned after a short break although I know of one or two who are still away enjoying themselves.   We are looking forward to a very productive year in 2017 which means I will be dashing around […]

  • Aitch Aitch’s Bulletin Numnah Two

    They say you should never start with an apology so I wont but yesterday was a bit of a challenge as I had to help the HorseHeard Management Committee with some important work at their meeting in London and didn’t get home in time to send this bulletin out to you.  Quite what state I will be in on New Year’s Eve when Numnah Three is due to be circulated I do not like to imagine.  I hope you are all well and looking forward to hearing our news. 

  • HorseHeard Rainbow Programmes launched

    As part of HorseHeard’s charity launch initiative we have selected five programmes to take forward on a wholly funded basis but with the opportunity for local businesses to become involved through sponsorship.  The five programmes selected are: Nelson & Colne College ; Cumbria Schools Project; The Door – Stroud; YMCA – Newcastle; and Gloucester Young […]