Big Lottery HeadStart in Cumbria – Rising Every Time

HorseHeard are incredibly pleased to announce their selection to be a partner organisation in the new Head Start initiative in Cumbria. Head Start is a pilot programme running around the UK in 2015 to investigate new and innovative approaches to delivering meaningful and sustained resilience to young people.

CumbriaHdstsWe will be delivering a series of programmes through 2015 near Carlisle and Barrow-in-Furness to young people of KS2 age. Our approach is an initiative developed on the back of our emotional well-being programme “Being Friends”. The core equine facilitated work will be enhanced by delivery of parent and teacher interactions. as well as a full family ride option for those attending. We will also be developing supporting media that the young people can work with between or after the workshops.

In this pilot year we will work with just under 100 young people; confident of the value of the interaction, we are very excited about the potential of expanding this work as awareness grows. We are also working with the research groups supporting the pilot work in Kent and look forward to our local facilitators having the chance to take this wonderful to the young people there.

We will provide regular updates through our Twitter and Facebook pages for those wishing to follow more closely.

Those reading with an appetite to support this work elsewhere in the UK can donate and potentially win an item of jewellery worth £2000 courtesy of Fine British Jewellery brand Boodles, please click here.

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  1. have now e mailed horse heard to try to connect with what you are doing .do you have a phone contact number that I could use to speak to someone in person.Very excited about what you are doing

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